Monthly Archives: March 2020


Day 9 of SIP [shelter in place] is coming to a close, and there is much to share with all of you:

Los Angeles Public Health Department has retracted yesterday’s report of a pediatric fatality from COVID-19, and we are not aware of any local pediatric fatalities from COVID-19
There is evidence that California is seeing a much slower rate of rise of COVID-19 infections which is very good news! … Continue reading

3/20/20 PWG COVID-19 update 

Day 4 of SIP [shelter-in-place], TGIF!
Today the Governor announced the legal order requiring all Californians to stay at home in order to try and slow down the spread of COVID-19. We want to thank all of our families for doing their part in keeping our kids and our community healthy by following those directives and NOT walking in to our office without calling us first. … Continue reading

3/16/2020 PWG COVID-19 UPDATE

San Mateo County has enacted strict limits on gatherings of people. Hospitals and medical offices are exempt; Team PWG wants to be proactive in reducing infections. We will be updating our office policies effective immediately:

If you or your child have a fever AND a cough AND trouble breathing AND/OR travel to a hotspot AND/OR known exposure to COVID-19 PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN, … Continue reading