3/20/20 PWG COVID-19 update 


Day 4 of SIP [shelter-in-place], TGIF!

Today the Governor announced the legal order requiring all Californians to stay at home in order to try and slow down the spread of COVID-19. We want to thank all of our families for doing their part in keeping our kids and our community healthy by following those directives and NOT walking in to our office without calling us first. News we wanted to share:

  • As of 3/19/20 there were 18 cases of COVID-19 in pediatric patients 0-17 years in the entire state of California
  • We are not aware of any local pediatric fatalities, all of our local experts are telling us that COVID-19 is less severe in kids than adults.
  • There is still very limited pediatric testing in our area, we do not have access to unlimited tests. We have included an infographic published by the California Health Department which follows current CDC guidelines. We are seeing patients via video visits and if someone meets the criteria for testing we are working to arrange testing, we want you to get the right care at the right place.
  • Current CDC criteria for testing are: if you or your child have a fever AND a cough AND trouble breathing AND/OR travel to a hotspot AND/OR known exposure to COVID-19 than testing may be indicated. Local hospitals have limited COVID-19 testing capacity and are following CDC criteria to make final decisions about who gets COVID-19 testing.
  • There are several fantastic resources to help families find healthy ways to stay connected with “the outside world”, we are sharing some of our favorites:

We are working hard to make sure we can keep our staff safe while continuing to serve our patients, and will post updates regularly, we appreciate your patience and understanding! We are a strong community, we will get through this, and Team PWG is here for you!