PWG COVID-19 update 3/18/20

As Day 2 of SIP [shelter in place] comes to a close we wanted to give you a quick update:

  • We are grateful to our patients and families for following current public health guidelines about COVID-19 and NOT walking in to our office without calling us first. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our kids and our community healthy!
  • Current CDC guidelines are: if you or your child have a fever AND a cough AND trouble breathing AND/OR travel to a hotspot AND/OR known exposure to COVID-19 please call our office to set up a video visit. Local hospitals have limited COVID-19 testing capacity and are following CDC criteria to make final decisions about who gets COVID-19 testing. We can help guide you to the right place for the right care.
  • We are being asked to refer patients to local testing sites since COVID-19 tests are still in short supply. We will update you if that changes.
  • Some of you have asked very good questions on our social media pages, please be aware we cannot respond to anyone directly due to HIPAA constraints.
  • We can sign you up for the patient portal which allows you to contact your specific doctor via email, we’ve got information on our blog, or you can call us and we’ll walk you through it.
  • Pediatric data about COVID-19 in patients from China was published this week, bottom line: the disease is less severe in kids than adults, and as of today there were NO fatalities in pediatric patients 18 years or younger in the USA. We continue to follow COVID-19 updates closely and will be posting more details in future posts.

And finally we wanted to share a picture of our office St. Patrick’s Day lunch while practicing social distancing…we can stay connected while staying apart 🙂 Team PWG is here for you as we get through this difficult time together.

Stay well, stay home and stay kind!