PWG’s news update for busy families… in the know

Labor Day weekend seems a lifetime ago, hope you are adjusting to the rhythm of school. Some news you may want to know about…

Most women do not have a 28 day menstrual cycle

Published in Nature August 27,2019

Why it’s important: it can be hard to know what is normal vs. not normal when it comes to your periods, and it’s good to know that not having a 28 day cycle is actually more common. This means most women will have periods that seem irregular, skip around a lot, or do any number of different patterns, yet another reason to track them!

A picky eater went blind in the UK

Published in Annals of Internal Medicine September 3, 2019

Why it’s important: seems obvious, but yes you really do need to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. In this case a 14-year-old suffered extreme health consequences after eating only junk food for 9 years. This may be an extreme case but let is also serve as a reminder that nutrition is important, so eat those veggies!

Technology may not be cause of mental health symptoms in adolescents

Published in Clinical Psychological science journal August 20, 2019

Why it’s important: we’ve unleashed so many ways to interact with technology and a virtual world in recent years without a lot of data about how it effects developing minds. This might take some of the guilt away for parents but serve as ammunition for tweens/teens!