PWG’s news update for busy families… in the know

For many of you school has started up again and it’s hard to remember there ever was a summer break! Here are some stories you may have missed in the back to school reentry extravaganza:

Vaping may have killed someone

Published in the Washington Post, CNN, NY Times and the AP on August 23, 2019

Why it’s important: vaping was thought to be much “safer” than smoking which helped accelerate it’s use. Now we know that is not true. 16 states reported 153 cases of vaping-related respiratory illnesses and Illinois reported the first fatality. This is a major reason to quit.

Is your child a digital addict?

Published in the NY Times parenting section, August 6, 2019

Why it’s important: now that school has started again for many of you, there is that familiar struggle between balancing school and screens and life. This piece gives some very helpful tips on how to navigate those parenting minefields.

Playtime is good for parents and kids

Published in Fast Company August 16, 2019

Why it’s important: Lego’s study on the importance of play for a child’s social, cognitive and emotional development has a clear message for parents…free, unstructured play is important to help teach children to be in the lead, and there is no substitute for playing with parents. Time to bring playtime back!