Important news for PWG patients with HMO insurance through SPN


August 2018

Dear Parents and Patients with SPN HMO:

We are currently contracted as a network provider for Sequoia Physician’s Network [SPN]. We have recently been notified that SPN / Dignity Health Medical Network [DHMN] has made the decision to shut down SPN/DHMN over the next few months and partner with Hill Physicians to set up a new IPA network in South San Mateo County. Hill Physicians currently operates in the Sacramento, North San Mateo County and S.F. areas.

At this time, we are being told that STANFORD and LUCILLE PACKARD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL [LPCH] AND PHYSICIANS WILL NOT BE CONTRACTED AS PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS WITHIN THIS NEW NETWORK RUN BY HILL PHYSICIANS. However, the LPCH Special Care Nursery currently operating within Sequoia Hospital will be contracted with Hill Physicians to participate within their network. We do not know which specialists in our area will choose to participate with Hill Physicians.

What does this mean for our patients?

  • If your child is currently being seen by a Stanford Physician and you have Hill Physicians as your HMO, we will not be able to get an authorized referral and the visits will be considered out of network, (check with your insurance plan for out of network benefit information)
  • We can only refer to physicians within the Hill Network, we anticipate most referrals will be for physicians in north San Mateo County and San Francisco County.
  • PWG will be part of this new Hill Physicians network as an option for patients with HMO insurance plans.

We want you to know about this since many of you are approaching an open enrollment period through your employers and this may affect your decision on which insurance plan/insurance carrier to choose. For further questions or information please call: SPN/Dignity health at 888-858-8307, or Hill Physicians at 800-445-5747. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us to care for your child(ren).