If you have Cigna insurance please read this post!

 From the Dignity Health website: Dignity Health and Cigna are in discussions to renew agreements that will allow Cigna members in California and Nevada to continue to access Dignity Health providers and facilities as part of their in-network benefits. Both organizations have been negotiating for months, but we have yet to reach agreement. For patients in California: Right now nothing is changing. However, if new agreements are not reached by Jan. 1, 2020, most Dignity Health providers would become out-of-network for Cigna members.

Families with HMO insurance can come to PWG because we are a member of  Hill Physicians, a medical group based in the East Bay. Some of our families have Cigna HMO and go to Dignity Health providers and Dignity Health facilities such as Sequoia Hospital. There is a chance that PWG will NOT be in network for some people with Cigna insurance after 1/1/2020, and many of you have already received letters stating that the doctors at PWG will become out of network providers after 1/1/2o2o. We have been told that for people with Cigna PPO insurance this may not be an issue.

Bottom line is that it’s complicated right now, and we are not sure if PWG will remain in network for people with Cigna insurance after 1/1/2020. What does it mean if PWG is not in network for you? You may be responsible for all or a greater part of the bill when you come to see a doctor at PWG. We will update you as we get new information but we encourage you to check with your company’s benefits department or your insurance broker as well.