Gratitude is the attitude

PWG began in 2011 out of a desire to serve our community, and we are so incredibly grateful for the support you have given us. We have seen you all rise to the occasion to take care of your family, friends, and community. We have witnessed daily acts of grace and kindness that remind us that even during difficult times there is much to give thanks for:

  • Thank you to our amazing front office team: Maria, Merrie and Heydi. They are unsung front-line heroes who do much more than “just answer phones”, the work they do behind the scenes quite literally keeps our office running.
  • Thank you to our wonderful medical assistants: Sherry, Mary Kate, Krystal and Stephanie. You all work tirelessly, care deeply, and show up every day ready for any challenge the day might bring.
  • Thank you to our magnificent billing team: Lorie, Kathryn and Paul. The work you do keeps our doors open.
  • Thank you to our dedicated team of Doctors: Dr. Sue and Dr. Megan. You have worked long hours to care for our families with compassion and empathy.
  • Thank you to our network of partners at UCSF and the CMA who have given us clinical support and provided us with critical PPE when we needed it most.
  • Thank you to all our fabulous business partners who help us with everything from medical supplies to banking. It really does take a village and with your support we have been able to focus our attention on our mission to serve our community.

Most of all we want to thank our community of families who have adapted to the “new normal” with patience and understanding. You remind us every day of why we went into medicine in the first place: to help people. Thank you for keeping us all safe by wearing your mask, washing your hands, and being socially responsible.

This year Thanksgiving may look and feel different, but the sentiment is still the same. We want to reflect on what we have rather than focus on what we lack.

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving. Dr. Niki and Dr. Eileen