Flu clinic status update for 9/26/19

Hi everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on our drop-in flu clinic schedule.

  • we will not have any more drop in flu clinics until we receive more flu vaccine supply
  • we still have not received any nasal flu vaccine and have not gotten any information about when those will be shipped.
  • we have been reaching out to our patients with complex medical problems who are at higher risk to make sure they get the flu vaccine. If your child falls into that category and you have not been contacted by us please call us at 650.216.7794 to make arrangements.
  • If you are not sure if your child can receive the flu vaccine, feel free to contact our office at 650.216.7794 for help with those questions.

We plan on having additional drop in flu shot clinics [for established PWG patients only] once we receive more flu vaccine supply. We will keep you posted with updates on supplies and clinic times via our website, Facebook page, and Twitter. Our clinic times may change based on vaccine availability, we recommend checking back regularly for the most current information.