4/5/2020 PWG COVID-19 Update

It is official, the Bay Area has done something different and our curve appears to be flatter. We want to thank all of you for following the shelter-in-place guidelines, it has helped to keep both your family and your community safe.  School is going to be on-line for the rest of the academic year in many parts of the state, and we are headed into one of the most crucial weeks of this pandemic. The Chief Barking Officers at PWG, Moxie on the left and Benji on the right, want to give you some important updates:

  • your 3 best tools for staying healthy: wash your hands, follow social distancing, and don’t touch your face.
  • both the CDC and local health officials also recommend that “Residents cover their nose and mouth when leaving home for essential activities, such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and going to the bank”.
  • there continues to be a shortage of PPE so remember “Face coverings should not be medical masks or other similar products but include any type of breathable material that will cover nose and mouth.” There are several great sources for free patterns,  consider making some for your friends and family.
  • PWG is taking extra steps to keep our office safe for everyone:
    • screening everyone [staff, patients, families] who comes into the office in accordance with national and local guidelines.
    • all our staff will be wearing masks
    • our office is deep cleaned nightly, in addition to regular cleaning throughout the day
    • we are limiting the number of people at visits to the child/person being seen and one parent/guardian
    • we are making telemedicine appointments for all sick visits, based on that visit you and your doctor may decide to treat at home, bring your child to the office, or be referred to the right place for the right care.
  • local officials are working to expand testing capacity but at this time it is still limited.

We are not out of the woods yet, but we have reason to hope.  This calendar can help us get through a tough time together. Team PWG is here for you, we are strong and we will get through this!